2017 Annual Meeting Update!

We have some wonderful speakers and lecture topics lined up for your continuing education enrichment. Here is a sample:

Presenter Topic
Lisa Secrest Retaining training – Tech Night
Audrey Harris Biosafety
Morgan Holmes  TBA
Tara Roberts How to work with reporters
Monte Matthews Zebrafish and IACUC
Stephen Durkee Disaster planning


You can pay via check or you can use PayPal to pay the registration fee here on our website: https://nrmbaalas.wordpress.com/ If you pay on-line, please email your registration form to nrmbaalas@outlook.com.


Additional update: I would like to make all who are planning to attend this year’s meeting aware that we will be sharing the Flathead Biological Station (FLBS) facilities with another group this year. In consulting with the FLBS coordinator and in discussion with the other Branch officers in planning the meeting, we feel this will still work fine for our needs. This arrangement will require some concessions, understanding, and accommodating on our part to make this situation work for the best experience of all attending the meeting. Here are the major changes for this year’s meeting:

  • We will not have access to the dormitory facility – these rooms will be taken by the other group using the station for their meeting.
  • Cabins may need to be shared (2 people per small cabin – single beds). Please indicate on the registration form your requested roommate.
  • There are a few larger/family cabins available that will be assigned based on need, or if groups of 3 people want to stay together.
  • The dining hall will be shared for meals for Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch. The caterers will stagger the meals, and each group will have separate meal times.
  • The second group who have booked the station will be leaving on Saturday afternoon and will not be there on Sunday. We will not be able to “spread out” into other rooms for Saturday night due to their not being housekeeping services over the weekend.
  • We have the same lakeside lecture hall facility with the beautiful deck overlooking Yellow bay.
  • Canoes and row boats are available for use in Yellow Bay throughout the weekend.
  • We may be in a different area of the station for the registration and Friday night socializing – stay tuned for updates later.


Please register as soon as possible. With the limited lodging accommodations, we may reach capacity.

If anyone has questions or concerns about these changes for this year’s meeting, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.



Gwen Anderson

NRMB AALAS Secretary Treasurer – 2017



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